Syria: The displaced { 24 images } Created 22 Mar 2012

On most Syrian maps the Turkish province of Hatay is included within Syrias' borders, and now the area is home to an estimated 100,000 Syrian refugees fleeing the violence in the north west of the country.
Syrians are classed as 'guests' by the Turkish government, and are therefore not legally refugees, which makes them unable to claim asylum in Turkey and gain access to many vital services, or have any legal platform on which to fight for their rights.

There are six official refugee camps established for Syrian refugees in Turkey, and plans to relocate the inhabitants of the camps into two larger, semi permanent city-like camps near Kilis and Urfa has already begun.

The larger Kilis and Urfa camps consist of pre-fabricated housing structures, in an area which can be expanded for thousands more refugees at a later date. For now though, Turkey has stopped receiving Syrians fleeing the violence. Camps on the Syrian side of the border fence have begun to grow, including around 12,000 people currently in Atmeh, Idlib province.

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